Words Lots of Words

Today was supposed to be a writing day. It started out slow. I brought my mother out to 9am mass and ended up haveing coffee and a chat with friends at her house later. Not so good for writing.

However, once I got going I clocked 4000 words today. That brings me back to par.

I may win this thing yet.

50000. Words here we come. We are more than half way there.


Travel day

Traveled safely to okc. I get to see my birthday daughter, her husband and 4 bouncy kids.  All flights were smooth and on time. The only bad part is a stuffy head cold. Flying with one of them is less than ideal. Sorry if I sound too woe is me. With luck I’ll feel better tomorrow.  There is the promise of a zoo trip.


if anyone is interested. Southwest Airlines did a great job of cheerfully getting us all to our destination including our luggage.

Saturday Blues

Started out well today. Went to Aikido class. But the sneezing and runny nose that started after running on Thursday persist.At least I managed a long walk on a beautiful day but not feeling sociable.